Teton Waters Ranch launced its brand-new Burger Blends. The frozen burger patties are made from a unique blend of 100% grass-fed beef and savory mushrooms and will be available in the frozen food aisle.

The Burger Blends from Teton Waters Ranch will be available in three varieties: Sea Salt and Cracked Pepper, Mushroom and Onion and Southwest. All three varieties are made with a mindful mix of 70% grass-fed and finished beef and 30% mushrooms. They are Whole30 approved and contain no nitrates or nitrites, no hormones or antibiotics, no additives and no gluten.

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Teton Waters Ranch Burger Blends were honored with a NEXTY Award at Natural Foods Expo West for Best New Frozen Product by New Hope Network. Hundreds of media, influencers and industry leaders in natural foods tasted the Burger Blends over four days of Expo and all raved about the taste.

In addition to phenomenal flavor, the mushrooms provide increased nutritional benefits while reducing the overall calorie and fat content of a traditional all-beef burger. It is also one of the most earth-friendly and renewable crops available, requiring minimal space, little water and just days to grow.

The Burger Blends will be available in the freezer aisle of local retailers in April.

Teton Waters Ranch uses only 100% grass-fed & finished beef, which is better for you than beef from grain-fed cattle and is higher in beta carotene, vitamin E, calcium, potassium, magnesium, omega 3s and CLAs. Their cattle eat only grass, never grain, and are never confined to feedlots. They graze on open pasture, which helps to heal the soil and to regenerate grassland, through holistic planned grazing practices.