Super herb powered beverage brand and B Corp, REBBL, is launching three new lower sugar elixirs in creamy decadent flavors like Mint Chip Protein, Hazelnut Chocolate Protein and Yerba Mate Mint Latte, the last of which is also keto-friendly. These three new flavors contain four grams of sugar per bottle, while existing elixir Reishi Cold Brew is also now labeled as keto-friendly, with zero grams of sugar.  

Like the rest of the REBBL portfolio, all elixirs are formulated with super herbs and adaptogens used at levels corresponding to traditional levels of efficacy without the use of gums, artificial flavors, or thickeners.

REBBL's mission to end human trafficking alongside their nonprofit partner, Not for Sale, remains at the core of the brand's lifework. However, REBBL is also passionate about supporting everyday wellness and optimal vitality. To that end, REBBL has reduced sugar across the line for 14 of 17 existing flavors, bringing the average sugar grams per bottle to under 10, while still remaining focused on creating the best-tasting, plant-based beverage option on the market. Although REBBL has always been a low sugar line in comparison to other functional beverage offerings, this bold move emphasizes the brand's commitment to consumers who expect their nourishing, and nutrient dense foods to come with ultra-low sugar options.  Seven of REBBL's products now have four grams of sugars or less.

REBBL's new products include:

Mint Chip Protein ($4.99): REBBL's take on a classic favorite, Mint Chip Protein has been reimagined with fresh peppermint, rich dark cocoa, and three potent super herbs – maca, ashwagandha, and reishi. This plant-based powerhouse packs 16 grams of complete protein for energy without the sugar crash.

Hazelnut Chocolate Protein ($4.99, exclusively at Whole Foods): Just as nourishing as it is indulgent, Hazelnut Chocolate Protein is an irresistible combination of rich, creamy chocolate and toasted hazelnuts. REBBL enlivens this decadent duo of flavors with super herb power from ashwagandha, maca, and reishi. This elixir is packed with 16 grams of complete plant-based protein.

Yerba Mate Mint Latte Elixir ($3.99, exclusively at Whole Foods): REBBL's Yerba Mate Mint Latte provides a heightened sensory experience by combining energizing yerba mate with pure moringa leaf and Japanese matcha in a keto-friendly ready-to-drink beverage. Not only does it have a low sugar nutritional profile, but it also has the specific ratio of macronutrients, very high fats, moderate proteins, and low carbohydrates, which can support the body's shift into ketosis, known as a "fat burning state".

REBBL is committed to uncompromising product quality and integrity. This means using organic, ethically-sourced ingredients for the health and wellbeing of the farmers, the soil, and the water used in its cultivation. As with all REBBL super herb elixirs, the company will continue to donate 2.5 percent of net sales of every bottle sold to Not For Sale, to continue supporting their projects around the world in our collective mission of co-creating a future without human trafficking.

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