American Key Food Products (AKFP) announced that it has shipped more than 55 million pounds of its Premium Cassava Flour since its introduction in 2011. 

 “We have invested eight years in developing and improving, not only a distinctive gluten-free and grain-free ingredient adapted to the challenging, competitive environment of North America, but also our production and logistics capabilities benchmarked against the highest levels of food safety,” says Mel Festejo, AKFP’s chief operating officer.  “We now have an established track record for promptly and reliably delivering consistent quality cassava flour to an increasing customer base in the baking and snack segments.  Thanks to a strong partnership with our manufacturing partner, our cassava flour is produced in a highly efficient and controlled environment and the production capacity has been boosted to cope with the rising demand.” 

Premium Cassava Flour is simply the naturally gluten-free root of the cassava plant, converted to a highly versatile flour through AKFP’s proprietary process, with no added ingredients. Cassava has been used as a food source in South America, Asia and Africa for centuries. 

“What’s old is new again,” says Festejo.  “We have reimagined this traditional ingredient to make it a simple, smart solution for today’s gluten-free, grain-free and paleo baked goods and snacks, which are also non-GMO, and clean-label.  It is also noteworthy that cassava is a sustainable crop and one that could be less adversely affected by climate change relative to other staple crops.”

The company states that its Premium Cassava Flour provides baking characteristics that closely mimic the structure, texture and taste of wheat-based baked goods and snacks in a number of baking applications. Meanwhile, the ingredient complements other gluten-free flours and/or starches in composite blends for the more complex applications. 

It also contains 7% dietary fiber, positively contributing to baking functionality and the nutritional profile of the finished product.  It has been successfully used in products such as cookies, cakes, tortillas, breads, pizza crusts and many others, without the need for complex ingredient formulations. It is also effective in extruded products such as puffed or fabricated snacks.

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