Chr. Hansen has developed a new bright red vegetable juice with unique coloring properties. Introducing, Hansen sweet potato™ ready to solve your challenges to achieve a natural and vibrant alternative to carmine and synthetic reds.

This is offering is part of the Chr. Hansen’s FruitMax® line of minimally processed fruit and vegetable juices and all products meet consumer interest in natural, recognizable ingredients. It is available as a water-soluble powder or liquid. 


• FRUITMAX® Red 107 WS

• FRUITMAX® Red 108 WS

• FRUITMAX® Red 111 WS

Hansen sweet potato™ received the IFT 2019 Food Expo Innovation Award based on a high degree of innovation, technical advancement, benefit to food manufacturers and/or consumers, and scientific merit.

Hansen sweet potato™ is suitable for:

• Confectionery

• Water ice

• Bakery and bakery decorations

• Fruit preparations    

• Fermented milk products

• Emulsified meats

• Breakfast cereals

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