Fruitbelt Sparkling Tonic, an Elohi Strategic Advisors client, welcomed Carol Mueller to its team. Mueller will serve as the new vice president of sales and marketing for the Midwestern company.

Prior to joining Fruitbelt, Mueller spent her career at a variety of industry-changing foodservice brands. With more than 25 years of experience in the food and sales fields, Mueller says she is excited to use her wealth of knowledge to grow the Fruitbelt Brand by introducing it to chefs and mixologists across the country.

Founded in 2012, Fruitbelt was inspired by the orchards of southwestern Michigan. Michele Gazzolo and Beth Denton⁠—two friends with experience in fruit-growing, bee-keeping, branding and social activism⁠—set out to invent a drink made with ingredients from their own backyard, leading to the creation of the brand's signature tonic. Beyond formulating fruit and plant-based tonics, Fruitbelt aims to partner with midwestern fruit farmers and celebrate indigenous crops by restoring 'forgotten fruits' to the Midwest. Not only can these fruits be appreciated for their unique taste and functionality, reviving 'lost' fruit varieties can enhance biodiversity and restore nitrogen to soil depleted by decades of industrial farming.

Fruitbelt is available in two flavors—Crisp Apple and Bright Cherry—and features 60 calories with no added sugar. Its iconic tart-sweet taste makes it a refreshing beverage or mixer with an aromatic twist. Sampler and flavor-specific four-packs are available online for purchase.