Rousselot®, a Darling Ingredients global business and a producer of collagen-based solutions1, announced the reorganization of its brands and products into three new strategic segments: Rousselot Health & Nutrition, Rousselot Biomedical and Rousselot Functional Ingredients. Encompassing the whole range of Rousselot’s collagen-based offer, the segments create a strong focus and strategic direction to develop solutions that bring consumer health benefits, support the development of medical science and maximize product properties. 

The launch of the new market segments aims at providing a clear structure to support the innovation of Rousselot’s evolving portfolio in line with market demand and needs.  As collagen-based solutions continue to gain traction in ever-changing marketspaces, Rousselot is repositioning its offer in these growing categories to develop solutions that meet the latest consumer trends and preferences. 

The new organization builds on Rousselot’s 128 years of expertise in shaping the added value of its collagen-based products within different industries. As the most abundant protein in mammals, collagen is found in nature under different types. Depending on its origin and processing methods, the collagen molecule leads to many different products, each one offering diverse properties and functionalities, and bringing specific advantages to many applications. While continuing to provide best-in-class collagen solutions-  for the food, health and nutrition, pharmaceutical and biomedical sectors, Rousselot will explore innovation opportunities to drive the three segments forward.

• Rousselot Health & Nutrition: Dedicated to health and nutrition, this segment focuses on providing a world of health benefits and contributing to improve public health through best-in-class ingredients answering today’s demand for solutions offering full proven efficacy, full safety and premium quality. Trusted scientific results, expert formulation and regulatory advice complete the unique offer. Rousselot’s range of products includes Peptan® collagen peptides, Peptan® IIm to support joint health and mobility, and ProTake™ for protein enrichment. 

• Rousselot Biomedical: This segment builds on Rousselot’s expertise and proven track record in the pharmaceutical sector. As Rousselot’s most recent strategic segment, it aims at advancing medical science with X-Pure®, a science-backed range of purified gelatins and collagens that offers unique advantages to assure performance, quality and safety for (bio)medical applications.

• Rousselot Functional Ingredients: Celebrating Rousselot’s long tradition, this segment focuses on standard and specialty gelatin, a clean label ingredient that provides unmatched functional advantages. With Rousselot’s gelatin the difference is clear. Designed by nature, safe and sustainably-sourced, they create high-quality products for the food, pharmaceutical and technical industries.  

In addition to the introduction of its new segment organization, Rousselot will also present a new website and refreshed logo that will also reflect the new strategic direction, expanding horizons while remaining loyal to its core: maximizing the potential of collagen.

1 Global Industry Analysts, Inc, Gelatin a Global Strategic Business report, June 2018