Prepared Foods takes a look at new better-for-you foods, drinks and supplements introduced in September 2019.


Meal Bars

PROBAR LLC, Salt Lake City, Utah, introduced two new PROBAR Meal Bar flavors: Blueberry Muffin and S’mores. Officials say the newest additions to the line boast at least 9g of protein per serving, are 100% plant-based, gluten-free and “are crafted for great taste with whole superfoods.”

“We’ve always believed in providing natural, delicious, and convenient foods that boost your everyday performance,” says Jeff Coleman co-founder and CEO of PROBAR. We’re excited to introduce two new summer-inspired Meal Bars.”

The brand’s cornerstone product line, PROBAR Meal Bars are made with superfood ingredients such as fruits, nuts, and seeds for a naturally delicious taste. Coleman says each bar is blended—not baked—to maintain optimal nutrition with plant-based protein and fiber. Already available in 12 flavors, the two new flavors hit retail shelves this summer.

Officials say the new S’mores variety contains seeds, nut butter, real fruits and nuts. New Blueberry includes real blueberries and dates for natural sweetness.

PROBAR offers a broad line of plant-based performance foods, including Meal On-the-Go, Protein (formerly Base), Bite, Bolt Energy Chews, Nut Butters and live Probiotic Bars. All PROBAR foods are vegan, Non-GMO Project Verified, certified gluten free and kosher.


Mind Boost

Most Americans are multitasking and are challenged by the need to stay focused and energized in a fast-paced, overstimulated society. As there is a growing concern in mental decline, interest and demand have grown for products and ingredients that will keep minds sharp.

That’s why Remedy Organics, Englewood Cliffs, N.J., says it created Golden Mind as a new take on ancient ayurvedic turmeric golden milk. Officials say the new nutrient-dense formulation includes DHA Omega-3, MCT oil, adaptogenic herbs and a 90% curcumin, which delivers a range of benefits.

The company notes that the Omega-3 is derived from sustainably sourced microalgae.

“Good health starts with mindful nutrition, and when creating Golden Mind, I carefully selected the highest quality certified organic ingredients that work together synergistically with a focus on cognitive health,” says Remedy Organics Founder Cindy Kasindorf. “Golden Mind is a ready-to-drink beverage which delivers daily nutrition with functional benefits to fuel the day without compromising on incredible taste. I have always believed that healthy eating can and should taste great.”

Golden Mind joins five other primary offerings including Superseed Fuel, Blue Oxidants, Matcha Oxidants, Vanilla Essentials and Cacao Essentials. All beverages comes in clear 12oz bottles and feature almond milk. They retail online for $45 to $51 per six pack and also are available at Whole Foods, Sprouts, The Fresh Market, Wegmans, HEB, Gelson’s, Erewhon, and CVS. 


Custom Nutrition

July brought the public launch of Buddy Nutrition Inc., a Santa Monica, Calif., firm offering “ultra-customizable functional foods and supplements.” 
Livio Bisterzo, founder of Buddy Nutrition and CEO of the brand’s holding company, Green Park Brands, is best known for such brands as HIPPEAS, Ugly Water, Reel Paper and Mavericks Snacks. President Dan Obegi has held executive positions with industry leaders including chief digital officer at GNC, and led the successful sale of, the number one skincare e-commerce retailer in the US., to Target.

The first launch from Buddy Nutrition is the Buddy Shot. For $79.95 a month (or just $2.67 per day), customers receive a full month’s supply of 1.8oz, ultra-customized, all natural fruit smoothie wellness shots. Two base flavors are currently available, the first being Berry-Berry + Banana and the second, Tropical Mango + Pineapple. Buddy Shots are a functional food, meaning they are fortified with additional nutritional ingredients to achieve specific goals beyond basic macro nutrition. Shot bases are all-natural, vegan, and free of dairy, soy, artificial colors and artificial sweeteners.

Customers have the option to alter formulas by adding vitamins, minerals, and botanicals to fit unique lifestyle and fitness needs, along with the desired level of each added ingredient.

“We are excited to launch a platform that specifically caters to the health-conscious generation,” says Obegi. “Buddy Shots eliminate the need for a daily handful of pills and easily align with a modern fast-paced lifestyle. Today’s customers demand brands and products that provide them with a tailored experience. We provide access to side-by-side product development, led by the expertise of nutrition buddies.”