​​Revelé™, a California-based frozen desserts company that is committed to showcasing how indulgent plant-based products can be, announced that it has harnessed the benefits of the rare sugar allulose as an ingredient in the creation of frozen desserts. 

The health and experiential impacts of this natural sweetener is initially being released with Revelé’s™ line of chocolate-covered, vegan frozen yogurt bars. Revelé™ Frozen Yogurt Bars have already been named a 2019 VegNews Best of Show Winner at the Natural Products Expo West 2019, where they were first previewed in March. 
Allulose is a naturally occurring rare sugar. Its molecular construct allows for unique qualities not found in other sugars or sugar substitutes. These qualities include:

• No impact on the glycemic index after consumption
• Extremely low caloric absorption by the body
• Texturally similar to table sugar, allowing for the creation of rich, indulgent frozen yogurt that retains the familiar density of traditional high-calorie ice creams without all the calories, sugar and carbohydrates. 

Prior to the introduction of allulose to the frozen treats, lower-quality “diet ice cream” made up for its lack of sugar by pumping products full of water and air to simulate texture and sugar alcohols to replace the sweetness. There are two problems with this approach to making a delicious dessert:

• By pumping “diet ice cream” with water and air, the product may achieve a similar volume but lacks that familiar density. Consumers end up paying a premium price for a pint that is more air than dessert.
• Using traditional sugar substitutes such as sugar alcohols gives it that diet effect, where the sweetness is not recognized at first taste and then lingers on way too long after the fact with a recognizable chemical aftertaste. Additionally, the sugar alcohols, such as Erythritol, are notorious for their side effects, including intestinal discomfort, bloating and headaches.

One of the first products Revelé™ is featuring allulose as a core ingredient is with chocolate-covered, vegan frozen yogurt bars.
This line of allulose-powered, plant-based frozen treats boast a series of health benefits, from the low caloric impact to a great source of probiotics, which will help keep off the pounds, improve digestive health, and avoid the stomach discomfort associated with dairy and sugar alcohol consumption. 

​The first available flavors of the bars are: Yellow Chocolate Covered Cinnamon Banana, Pink Chocolate Covered Matcha Tea, Dark Chocolate Covered Toasted Coconut, Milk Chocolate Covered Snickerdoodle and Toffee Bits, and Milk Chocolate Covered Toffee.