Horizon Organic®, a pioneer in the organic dairy category, introduced Horizon Organic® Growing Years™, a new whole milk created specifically for children ages 1 to 5. Developed in partnership with pediatricians, Growing Years is formulated to deliver the key nutrients to children ages 1 to 5, nourishing these tender years of laughter, tears, joy, learning and everything in between.

A child's nutritional needs are not the same as those of an adult, and their food options need to reflect that important difference. Developed with great care, every 8-ounce serving of Growing Years contains DHA Omega-3 to support brain health, choline to transport DHA in the body, prebiotics that feed good bacteria in little bellies and vitamin D and calcium for strong, growing bones.

While the nutrients found in Growing Years may be specially formulated for growing bodies, the commitment to quality and taste is consistent with the rest of Horizon Organic's products. In partnership with a network of more than 600 certified organic family farms across the country, Horizon sources its milk from pasture-raised cows that spend at least 120 days grazing each year.

Horizon has been producing organic milk for more than 27 years and played an instrumental role with the USDA in helping to establish organic standards and creating the USDA Organic seal of approval recognized today.

Horizon Organic Growing Years milk is now available at select stores nationwide.