Upshoot announced its new plant-based products designed to support healthy lifestyles through the power of plants, programs and community. The company launched in the United States with a complete Phytopúr line of nutritious shakes, smoothies, super drinks, and soups that make plant-powered nutrition more accessible for everyday consumption.

Backed by their Phytopúr promise to be convenient, affordable, reliable and enjoyable, the plant-based just-add-water products can easily fit into today's busy lifestyles, enabling people to get their daily five servings of fruits and vegetables on-the-go, or add them to a variety of favorite foods and beverages.

Upshoot's Phytopúr products are made of wholesome fruits and vegetables from trusted farms, and are supported by sound science, patented technology, and rigorous quality standards. Through revolutionary TruServ technology, each product serves up phytonutrients and complete plant protein in ways that enable consumers to trust the number of fruit and vegetable servings on the label.

Powering the products are Upshoot's scientifically curated and adaptable Reboot, Weight Loss and Lifestyle programs that reduce the confusion, complication and cost of traditional nutrition regimens while guiding people down the right health path.