Ginger Shots, Inc launched two wellness shots under the new brand name of Tulua. Ginger Shots is the maker of six varieties of organic, cold-pressed ginger shots, sold in stores and online since December 2015. The two new products are being launched under the name Tulua Wellness Shots. Ginger Shots plans to continue to develop new products under the Tulua brand as it grows and expands.

Tulua Wellness Shots blend together unique combinations of highly functional ingredients. The Turmeric Wellness Shot brings together the mighty root cousins turmeric and ginger, both widely acclaimed for their anti-inflammatory properties and other health benefits. Cold-pressed pineapple juice and a touch of black pepper round out this smooth and balanced wellness shot. The Tulua Wellness Shot Apple Cider Vinegar is a powerhouse blend that includes cold-pressed lemon and ginger juices.

Ginger and wellness shots have been a growing health trend over the last several years, often popping up at local juiceries. Ginger Shots is one of the first companies to bring ginger wellness shots to the national level, selling them at natural stores around the country as well as online.

All of the Ginger Shots varieties are USDA Organic, kosher, preservative and additive free, made with simple ingredients and are High Pressure Processed. The Tulua Turmeric Wellness Shot is crafted from organic cold pressed pineapple juice, ginger juice, turmeric juice, and organic black pepper. The Tulua Apple Cider Vinegar Wellness Shot is crafted from organic cold pressed apple cider vinegar, lemon juice, and ginger juice.