Ginger Shots, Inc launched four new organic Probiotic Wellness Shots under their Tulua® brand. Each two-ounce wellness shot features 1 billion CFU of probiotics, as well as unique blends of functional ingredients and premium cold-pressed organic juices.

The Probiotic Wellness Shots are the third line of health shots introduced by the company. Three of the Probiotic Wellness Shot varieties will be available in all Whole Foods Markets in Southern California in Q1 of 2019, as well as online at 

Tulua Probiotic Wellness Shots were formulated based on high consumer interest in digestive and immune health. When surveyed, 87% of consumers say they are interested in products with the benefits of “Improves your immune system” followed by 85% interested in products that claim “Improves your digestive system health.”1 

The probiotic used in the Tulua Probiotic Wellness Shots, bacilius coagulans GBI-30 6086, has been formulated to survive gastric transit 10x more effectively than yogurt cultures. In addition, extensive studies have shown that taking 1 Billion CFU of this probiotic daily, the amount found in each of the Tulua Probiotic Shots, supports digestive and immune health.* 

Tulua Probiotic Wellness shots offer delicious combinations that are also highly functional. The four varieties are Turmeric Ginger, Tart Cherry Cucumber, Blueberry Lemon and Apple Cinnamon. The Turmeric Ginger Wellness Shot is balanced out with cold-pressed pineapple and lemon juices, coconut water and black pepper. Coconut water is also featured in the Blueberry Lemon and Apple Cinnamon Wellness Shots. 
The Tart Cherry Cucumber Wellness Shot has the equivalent of 8-ounce of tart cherry juice, all squeezed into a convenient little shot. Studies have shown that tart cherry juice reduces inflammation and exercise-induced muscle soreness. 
It’s combined with organic cold-pressed cucumber water, lemon juice and probiotics to make it an excellent recovery and wellness shot. Ginger Shots is one of the first companies to bring a wide range of wellness shots to the national level, selling them at natural stores around the country as well as online. 

* As part of a balanced diet and healthy lifestyle 
1 GlobalData 2015 Q4 Consumer Survey