Lycored, a global leader in natural, lycopene-based color ingredients for food and beverages, has completed a delicatessen style ham meat alternative stability study on its color portfolio. 

Comparing Lycored’s natural color range with other colorants used in deli-ham applications—such as iron oxide and beet—the study looked at processing conditions, storage, exposure to light, freezing, customer storage after opening, and extended shelf life. All of Lycored’s colors proved more stable than other alternatives with minimal color changes visible after a three-month period. 

To assist customers with finding the right shade for a plant-based application, Lycored also has added three new plant-based categories to its HueFinder color matching tool, which accelerates the ingredient selection process by offering easy access to application-specific insights to product developers. 

The new categories cover plant-based alternatives to deli-ham, sausages or frankfurters and tuna or chicken chunks.