Calyxt, Inc., a plant-based technology company, has launched its new website to showcase how Calyxt is harnessing the “Power and Possibilities of Plants.”

Calyxt, pronounced [kay-lixt] is derived from the Latin term calyx, the sepals that surround, protect and support a plant bud and flower. The added “T” signifies how Calyxt is leveraging advanced technologies (like TALEN® technology) to bring healthier, more sustainable products to market. has been redesigned to offer a more informative and user-friendly experience with improved navigation and functionality. The website showcases Calyxt’s products and solutions as well as its innovation product pipeline.

Calyxt is doing what farmers and plant breeders have been doing for hundreds of years: choosing the best crops and breeding them to make stronger, more sustainable plants. Leveraging proprietary TALEN technology, Calyxt has the ability to address market opportunities in food tech and agriculture, and the new website better reflects Calyxt’s position at the leading edge of accelerated plant breeding with a focus on wellness and sustainability. 

Calyxt’s proprietary technology produced the first gene-edited product sold in the United States, and its R&D pipeline contains additional product candidates to address challenges in multiple sectors.

“Our newly designed website reflects the breadth and depth of our R&D team with our expanded innovation pipeline to address unmet consumer, environmental, and marketplace demands,” says Calyxt CEO, Jim Blome. “The optimization of our website is one example of the steps we’ve taken to be more digitally engaged and connected to our core audiences including suppliers and buyers, CPGs, prospective collaborators and our strong grower network.”

Blome adds, “We’re gaining momentum and inviting collaborators to come to us with a challenge for our R&D team to solve. We’re committed to launching six projects by 2024 in four crops—soybean, wheat, alfalfa and hemp—and look forward to providing more updates on our initiatives throughout 2020.”

The new site will allow Calyxt to engage with its audiences and improves the user experience. Visitors can also now access assets including sales sheets, seed variety technical specifications, as well as new videos and photos.

Please visit to explore the new site.

About Calyxt

Calyxt (NASDAQ: CLXT), based in Roseville, Minn., is a plant-based technology company. We partner with like-minded farmers and companies to deliver plant-based products with wellness and sustainability benefits. We use cutting edge plant breeding techniques to innovate and develop solutions to address unmet consumer and market demands. For further information, please visit our website at