AAK USA Inc., one of the world’s leading manufacturers of value-adding specialty vegetable fats and oils, featured a wide range of specialty fats and oils solutions for the 2020 Institute of Food Technologists Annual Meeting and Food Expo (IFT20) virtual event. 

Today’s consumers are more open to fats and oils, and the recent Dietary Guidelines for Americans suggest a heathy eating pattern should include consumption of plant-based oils. AAK’s value-adding fats and oils deliver great taste and functionality—and help support desired label claims.

“From label claims such as organic and non-GMO, to exacting sensorial qualities in the perfect crumb texture of a biscuit, we created a menu showcasing the latest indulgent and better-for-you confectionery, bakery, plant-based and special nutrition product trends and innovations,” said Octavio Diaz de Leon, President of AAK USA and AAK North Latin America. “Our Customer Innovation team has really put our toolbox of multi-functional oils to the test and we are excited by the great-tasting, high-performance results. We are ready to learn more about IFT20 attendees’ current product and process challenges and discuss how our range of individual, multi-oil and multi-functional fat and oils can offer ideal solutions.”

AAK’s Customer Innovation team created a menu of great-tasting samples for the event. All items feature one or more of AAK’s latest multi-functional fat solutions that are non-hydrogenated and low in saturated fat, including:

• CINNAMON RAISIN CUT BISCUIT offers a great cinnamon taste everyone will love

This tastefully formulated cinnamon raisin cut biscuit showcases AAK’s CISAO® 8253-18-05 cinnamon flaked shortening to enhance flavor. Topped with a smooth vanilla-flavored confectionery glaze made with AAK’s CISAO® 8312 Cube shortening, this non-dairy delectable is suitable for vegetarian, vegan diets and great taste lovers, alike. 

• PLANT-BASED CHEESY GARLIC BISCUIT with a delicious taste cheese lovers will embrace

Flaky and tender, this plant-based cheesy garlic bite is sure to please all. AAK’s AKOPLANET® 28-001 ORG, a unique blend of organic coconut and organic sunflower oils, helps create the deliciously on-trend plant-based cheese. AAK’s CISAO® 81-20, a no-trans, non-hydrogenated all-purpose shortening made with palm oil, offers reduced saturated fat, and AAK’s CISAO® 78-31, a no-trans, non-hydrogenated flaked shortening made with palm and palm kernel oil, evenly distributes the fat, creating a tender mouthfeel.

• PLANT-BASED 3-CHEESE PLATTER feta and cheddar and pizza, oh my! 

Why stop with one great-tasting cheese, when you can have three times the deliciousness? This plant-based cheese trio features a feta-style cheese with authentic tangy flavor and creamy texture, with substantially less fat made possible with AAK’s AkoPlanet® PBC 110-44; a mild cheddar-style sandwich cheese featuring AkoPlanet® PBC 109-60 which provides a clean dairy flavor and a smooth, creamy mouthfeel; and a pizza topping which incorporates AAK’s AkoPlanet® PBC- 111-60 for a healthier profile and better melting and browning—all created to leave consumers wanting more.

• FLATBREAD WITH PLANT-BASED TOPPINGS, great taste and texture in every bite

Perfectly textured flatbread made with AAK’s Cisao® 7831-00-60MB, a no-trans, non-hydrogenated bakery flake based on palm and palm kernel oils, for a delicious new take on plant-based. Thick and chewy flatbread with a soft center and crisp crust delivers a light, tender bite—the perfect base for tasty refried beans and fresh vegetable toppings. The final layer combines a plant-based crumbled cheese made with AAK’s AkoVeg™ 115-14, a no-trans-fat blend of coconut and sunflower oils, and plant-based sour cream featuring AAK’s AkoVeg™ 114-46, a no-trans, zero cholesterol fat blend of coconut and sunflower oils, to create pure delight in every bite, with creamy mouthfeel and clean flavor.

• NUTRITION ENHANCED DRINKABLE YOGURT, a delicious peach and passion fruit beverage featuring Omega-3s and natural choline

Features AAK’s AKOVITA® ELIP, made with egg phospholipids and vegetable oils high in Omega-3s, this creamy and delicious, peach and passion fruit-flavored drinkable yogurt is nutritionally optimized with a blend of phospholipids and natural choline from egg yolk as well as vegetable oils high in Omega-3 fatty acids. The oil blend features a unique natural structure of phospholipid-bound Omega-3s and natural choline in a highly absorbable form, which can also act as a natural emulsifier. The blend is also fortified with additional Omega-3 DHA from algal single cells. The total formulation oil blends contribute to health benefits for the heart, brain, and vision.

• AERATED MOCHA MILK CHOCOLATE FILLING, a crave-worthy and guilt-free dessert

AAK’s Confao® 82BR specialty filling fat offers a reduced guilt experience when consumers want to satisfy their confectionery cravings. This aerated mocha milk chocolate filling showcases its ability to make rich and indulgent confections light and fluffy. The filling fat can be aerated to almost half the density of non-whipped fillings to create excellent mouthfeel and meltaway with no waxy aftertaste, and also has bloom resistant capabilities. 

• CHOCOLATE HAZELNUT BUTTER SPREAD, a decadent and always silky-smooth treat

AAK’s EsSence® 86-33 NH blend of palm, palm kernel, and canola oils are featured in this indulgently creamy, and silky-smooth spread. This decadent chocolate hazelnut butter spread won’t “oil out” and will stay silky smooth for months. AAK’s special blend of palm, palm kernel, and canola oils contains less saturated fat than comparable fats—and significantly reduces oil seepage to provide higher quality products with longer shelf life.  

“AAK also works together with our customers to ‘co-develop’ customized solutions, making the most of combined expertise to ideate and develop new products consumers will embrace,” said Diaz de Leon. “Our coast-to-coast Innovation Center coverage and Customer Innovation Specialists increase our customer’s speed to market of innovative new products. Together, we can help fulfill your consumers’ desires for better-for-you, clean label and sustainable solutions that look, function and taste great.”

Find out more about AAK’s IFT20 offerings and many other co-development solutions by visiting www.betterwithaak.com/the-co-development-company and www.aak.com.

We are AAK – The Co-Development Company

AAK is a leading provider of value-adding vegetable oils & fats. Our wide range of raw materials, broad process capabilities, and expertise in oils & fats within food applications enable us to develop innovative and value-adding solutions across many industries – Chocolate & Confectionery, Bakery, Dairy, Special Nutrition, Food Service, Personal Care, and more. AAK’s proven expertise is based on more than 140 years of experience within oils & fats. Our unique Co-Development approach brings our customers’ skills and know-how together with our own capabilities and mindset for lasting results. Listed on the NASDAQ OMX Stockholm and with our headquarters in Malmö, Sweden, AAK has 22 production facilities and customization plants, sales offices in more than 25 countries and more than 3,700 employees.