Joined together on a mission to improve health and wellness through data, technology and scientific research, Oracle co-founder Larry Ellison and acclaimed physician and scientist Dr. David Agus formed Sensei Holdings, Inc., including Sensei Farms and Sensei Retreats, on the Hawaiian island of Lāna’i. Sensei Holdings, Inc. announces that it is bifurcating the agriculture and leisure travel units to provide each company its own growth trajectory. The farms division will now operate as Sensei Ag, a market-changing AgTech company. Sensei Retreats (“Sensei”) will retain the singular Sensei name. Each company will be led by proven experts in their respective fields: Kevin Kelly, a pioneer of sustainable development with 35 years’ experience in the leisure wellness industry as chief executive officer of Sensei Wellness and Sonia Lo, an AgriFood leader with over 32 years of experience in finance and controlled environment agriculture as chief executive officer of Sensei Ag.
Sensei Ag continues the spirit and draws upon the technological foundations of its sister company Sensei Retreats. With the shared vision of helping people live longer, healthier lives, Sensei Ag will take the learnings of its pilot farm on Lāna’i across the globe and bring hyper-local, nutrient-rich, affordable food to developed and emerging economies.
Using Dr. Agus’ cutting-edge scientific research, Sensei Ag deploys innovative, agile growing systems that can dramatically increase farm productivity in three ways. First, the Company uses modular components in its production process to quickly and efficiently deploy the highest performing technologies. Second, Sensei Ag implements each of its technologies in a form factor agnostic manner, growing plants in the environment best suited for each crop. Third, through a combination of partnership, collaboration and acquisition, Sensei Ag significantly reduces the time needed to build a large-scale indoor farm, ensuring the relevance and freshness of all of its technology. These three pillars of Sensei Ag’s operational strategy will finally make controlled environment agriculture accessible and affordable to all.
Sensei Ag is currently piloting its growing techniques at Sensei Farms Lāna’i, which has the capacity to produce over a million pounds of food per year, all in less than an acre of space and with 90% less water than traditional farming. Once completed, Sensei Farms’ Lāna’i location will have six greenhouses each 20,000 square feet in size. The current greenhouses on Lāna’i supply a variety of nutritious and flavorful fruits, vegetables and herbs grown on site to Sensei Retreats, local chefs, hoteliers and retailers within hours of harvest.