CHERRiSH is a functional beverage with health properties to strengthen a natural line of defense. The company announced that its 12oz ready-to-drink 100% Montmorency tart and sweet Bing cherry juices are now available in the produce section of 61 Washington and Oregon QFC stores.   
“Consumer demand is shifting, and people are turning away from overly processed products with artificial ingredients and toward healthier, cleaner-label, whole-food options that also prove to have strong immune-enhancing benefits,” said Dan Haggart, CEO and founder of CHERRiSH.
With more than 50 published studies, the tart Montmorency cherry is one of the most researched fruits to date, and is rich in the many vitamins, minerals and antioxidant-packed polyphenols that are proven to strengthen the immune system and help prevent infections. The cherry is also increasingly being recognized for its superior anti-inflammatory content (highest of any food), with this property being responsible for speeding muscle recovery, reducing chronic and systemic inflammation, and effectively reducing pain and soreness. Montmorency cherries are also high in natural melatonin content to fight insomnia and improve sleep, and they can also help to regulate blood sugar, lower blood pressure, improve gut health, memory, cognition, and more. 
The CHERRiSH beverage itself is made from a blend of 96 whole Montmorency tart and sweet Bing cherries - both skin and pulp, with no added sugars, filler juices or artificial ingredients – ensuring that nothing is lost from each varietal's complex nutrient profile.