CHERRiSH, USA-grown 100% cherry juice, combining highly anti-inflammatory Montmorency tart cherry with the sweet and nutritious Bing cherry, has just launched its newest line extension: Cherry Chocolate, the first in the functional beverage category to bring the pairing together. 

The newest addition will join the rest of the CHERRiSH beverage portfolio: Cherry Original, Cherry Blueberry, and Cherry Pomegranate, and like the company’s other flavors will not have any added sugar, filler juices or artificial ingredients. The new Cherry Chocolate variety will not contain any dairy either, just the subtle flavor essence of natural chocolate extract that balances out the tartly sweet cherry juice.  
With over 50 published studies and counting, the tart Montmorency cherry is one of the most researched fruits to-date, and is rich in the many vitamins, minerals and antioxidant-packed polyphenols that are proven to strengthen the immune system and help prevent infections. The tart cherry has also been shown to contain the highest anti-inflammatory content of any food, where this property is responsible for speeding muscle recovery, reducing the chronic and systemic inflammation that can lead to many modern-day illnesses, and effectively reducing pain, stiffness and soreness. 

Montmorency cherries are also high in natural melatonin content to effectively fight insomnia and improve sleep quality, and they can also help to regulate blood sugar, lower blood pressure, prevent gout flare-ups and the associated pain, and improve endurance performance, gut health, memory, cognition, and more.
The CHERRiSH beverage itself is made from a blend of 96 whole Montmorency tart and sweet Bing cherries - both skin and pulp - ensuring that nothing is lost from each varietal's complex nutrient profile and that all of the deliciously balanced flavors remain. The combination also creates a synergy where the phytochemicals from each cherry work together to strengthen and potentiate each other, delivering the highest antioxidant score of any beverage on the market. 

This news comes on the heels of CHERRiSH’s steady expansion into various retailers across the country, most recently announcing distribution in all QFC stores throughout WA and OR, as well as 242 Pacific Northwest Safeway-Albertsons stores. In the coming months CHERRiSH will also roll out into over two-thousand Loblaws stores in Canada. 
Cherry Chocolate CHERRiSH is currently available in 12oz bottles through e-commerce on the CHERRiSH website.