Dippin' Dots, a flash-frozen beaded ice cream company, opened a new manufacturing facility focused on supporting the demand for Dippin' Dots Cryogenics, L.L.C., an arm of the company that lends the brand's patented technology and equipment for applications to industries beyond ice cream.
Production at the new Dippin' Dots manufacturing facility in Paducah, Ky., focuses on supporting demand for Dippin’ Dots Cryogenics.
Dippin' Dots launched the cryogenics business in 2018 and has since experienced staggering growth, including manufacturing for the plant-based meat segment, pharmaceutical companies, probiotic brands and animal feed, among others that require high-volume cryogenic freezing.
The new 6,000 square-foot facility is located at 3865 Industrial Drive in Paducah. The $3.2 million project has been under construction for the past nine months and will add 45 new jobs once operating at full capacity. It was designed with efficiency in mind with the goal to duplicate anywhere in the world for future growth.
The Dippin' Dots cryogenics process uses liquid nitrogen to flash-freeze products that require high-quality standards. The process is suitable as a first step for any products that need to be freeze-dried. Industries that create probiotics, bacterial cultures and plant extractions are key examples. The small pellets provide the ideal surface area for freeze drying while maintaining the integrity of the media culture.
In addition to the new production facility in Kentucky, the Dippin' Dots cryogenic team can customize machines based on individual company needs. To date, the company has provided equipment to customers in the Netherlands, South Korea and France, and it is currently working with customers in Brazil and Germany for various applications.
With the additional plant, the Dippin' Dots facility can produce 2 million pounds of product a month. The original facility will be used solely for ice cream production.