Rritual, a premium brand in the emerging functional mushroom market, announced that it will launch its suite of premium mushroom and adaptogen enhanced elixirs this fall. Made from a proprietary blend of organic mushrooms and time-tested adaptogenic herbs, Rritual's easy-to-mix elixirs are formulated to blend into your daily wellness routine and will be available in three different formulas including Reishi, Chaga and Lion's Mane.
Backed by a leading team of scientists, doctors and experts across the wellness space, Rritual elixirs are made using whole mycelium to provide the beneficial bioactive compounds and metabolites that only mushrooms contain. Synergistic adaptogenic herbs and botanicals are also included to enhance the benefits of each mushroom and create balanced elixirs that nourish the body, mind and spirit. Developed with guidance by plant-based expert and Rritual President, Dr. Mike Hart, the full product offering includes:
• Reishi Relax: formulated for stress support, balanced mood and blissful sleep, infused with ashwagandha root, cacao and cinnamon to support optimal wellbeing.
• Chaga Immune: enhances immune health and stress defense, featuring a synergistic blend of immune-boosting botanicals such as Atragulus and Rritual's proprietary immune blend™
• Lion's Mane Focus: optimizes cognitive health, memory and creativity, providing a proven mental boost with a mix of Rhodiola root and Ayurvedic herbs such as Bacopa.
All three Rritual formulas are entirely plant-based and vegan, with their own unique flavor profiles. Beginning fall 2020, the elixirs will be available in 14 stick packs and in 250g tubs. There will also be a 14-day variety pack available that includes all three elixir formulations.