Influenced by the Midwest and its founders' childhood memories, Cleveland Kitchen's latest dressing, Backyard Ranch, captures the ambience of a backyard gathering and quality time spent with family and friends over shared meals fresh from the garden. The culinary brand focused on healthy fermented foods is expanding its newest line of products, Fermented Dressings and Marinades, with the addition of another first-of-its kind product, naturally fermented Backyard Ranch. 

The offering is going to be the brand's hero item within their Fermented Dressings and Marinades roster as Ranch dominates the dressing category, making up 40% of available dressings in retail.  

In the spirit of creating fermented products that can be enjoyed by all, Cleveland Kitchen has worked to provide foods that are better-for-you so that even those with dietary restrictions can incorporate them into their favorite meals. This variation of the classic ranch uses organic fermented kefir as the base dairy along with fermented cabbage, garlic and black pepper puree to create a unique dressing and marinade that has never been seen before in the category. 

Even the most calorie-conscious natural ranch sits at 160 calories, while Backyard Ranch significantly cuts down that number to only 90 calories per serving. This ranch uses date syrup as a natural sweetener and far less oil than similar products. Backyard Ranch fulfills the need for a gut-healthy dressing that consumers don't have to feel guilty about enjoying.

Cleveland Kitchen's Backyard Ranch is available at Spouts nationwide for $4.99.