Cleveland Kitchen, a culinary brand focused on healthy fermented foods, launched a line of fermented dressings and marinades. Cleveland Kitchen is the same fermentation-forward brand that found an audience for being the creator of fresh, crunchy, unpasteurized and probiotic sauerkraut, Cleveland Kraut.  

The name change to Cleveland Kitchen comes as a necessary signifier to illustrate the brand's bigger purpose. The team took its classic flavors of sauerkraut and evolved them into tangy dressings that purport to light up taste buds and add flavor. As the food innovators continue to cook up additional fermented offerings outside of sauerkraut, they have a line of plant-based and dairy-free, creamy fermented dressings and marinades available at Whole Foods Market stores nationwide, as well as additional retailers in the coming year. The flavors of Cleveland Kitchen Dressings and Marinades include:

• Hail Caesar: This naturally fermented dressing lives happily on a summer salad or an avocado quinoa bowl. Full of fresh herbs, basil and thyme, this vegan dressing offers a creamy, Caesar-like texture that is unique for a dairy-free product.

• Sweet Beet: This creamy dressing offers a sweet and tangy topping for a full and bright salad. Pairing well with walnuts and goat cheese, it has a rich color and bright, balanced flavor along with the added critical health benefits from fermented beets. Families can enjoy this naturally-sweetened dressing on an arugula salad with feta and cucumber or in a grain bowl with fresh sprouts and walnuts.

• Roasted Garlic: This dressing and marinade offers creamy, garlicky notes. The big flavor comes from fermented garlic and black pepper making this topper addictive and a key piece of your next meal. It can be used as a light dip, on a blackened chicken salad with toasted croutons, or on a smoked turkey sandwich with roasted beets.

• Gnarly Miso Jalapeno: This dressing and marinade packs a punch with fermented cabbage, green peppers, jalapeño, and miso. An easy way to get healthy fermented vegetables into your diet, enjoy this plant-based dressing and marinade on a roasted chicken salad, stuffed avocado, or stir fry.

These all new dressings and marinades are available for $5.99 in Whole Foods Market locations nationwide.