Batter and breaded frozen food products are widely consumed both in restaurants and at home. Such products are usually accompanied with a variety of dipping sauces to add flavor and visual appeal.

With Advanced Food Systems (AFS) Seal ‘N Saucy Pre-coating System, consumers can enjoy their favorite breaded products and dipping sauce—all in one easy-to-eat product!

One of AFS’s new product lines, Seal ‘N Saucy Precoating System, is a flavored dry precoating system for various fried products that eliminates the need for a dipping sauce. When applied to chicken, shrimp, pork, fish, or cheese products, Seal ‘N Saucy Precoatings create a saucy interface between the substrate and batter and breading upon frying. Each Seal ‘N Saucy Precoating system is specifically formulated to provide the saucy appearance and flavor associated with each flavor profile.

To use, the substrate such as chicken or shrimp, is properly marinated, pre-coated with the appropriate Seal ‘N Saucy Precoating system, battered and breaded, and then fully cooked and frozen.  The product is then reconstituted from frozen in a fryer.

Seal ‘N Saucy Precoatings are currently available in the following flavor profiles:

•    Buffalo
•    Cheddar
•    Pepper Jack
•    Honey Mustard
•    BBQ
•    Chipotle BBQ
•    Ketchup
•    Cheddar
•    Marinara

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