Remilk, an Israel-based start-up producing identical dairy products through microbial fermentation, announced the completion of its $11.3 million funding round. With this new capital, the company plans to rapidly expand its production and distribution capabilities, and meet global demand, for its revolutionary animal-free dairy products.
The latest funding was led by with participation from OurCrowd, CPT Capital, ProVeg and food manufacturers Hochland, Tnuva and Tempo, as well as Co-founder & Former Managing Director of Berkshire Partners, Bradley Bloom; prominent investor, Sake Bosch; serial technology entrepreneur and investor, Amiad Solomon; food-tech investor Beni Nofech and others.
Remilk’s first-of-its-kind, lab-made dairy product is indistinguishable from natural dairy and is essential for developing the authentic taste and texture of dairy derivatives like cheese, yogurt and cream, without cows. The company uses a unique, patented process to replicate the properties of the dairy proteins. This process recreates these proteins in the most effective way, and even optimizes functionalities compared to their animal-derived equivalent.
Remilk’s commercial manufacturing and distribution partners use its functional animal-free dairy as a starting material for large-scale dairy production.
Remilk products are cholesterol-free and contain no lactose, antibiotics or growth hormones. Importantly, Remilk is far more sustainable and eco-friendlier than traditional dairy systems, requiring 1% of the land, 4% of the feedstock and 10% of the water to produce than comparable dairy products.