With the opening of Burke Corporation’s expanded, 210,000-square-foot enterprise-wide manufacturing plant, the experts at Hormel Ingredient Solutions, an industry leader in protein-based ingredients for prepared foods manufacturers, can continue to efficiently fulfill orders of fully cooked meats and uphold their commitment to the highest levels of food safety and quality.
Some of the facility’s improvements include a new, space-efficient freezer system, which allows for more streamlined order fulfillment, a multilayered safety inspection process for meat that enters the facility and state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment. Each enhancement represents an assurance that Hormel Ingredient Solutions’ customers can continue to rely on the safety, quality and secure supply they expect from the industry-leading supplier of fully cooked meats and protein ingredients. 

Adhering to industry standards for sustainability and environmental impact, the upgraded facility also includes several energy-saving features as part of the expansion, including a recirculation system that reuses water from equipment cooling for cleaning purposes, waste diversion programs and energy-efficient electronic controls that allow for continuous monitoring.