Brenntag Group’s Food & Nutrition business unit in North America has agreed to distribute Sensus America’s chicory root fiber ingredient in the United States.

Brenntag is now a distributor for dry-inulin powders and Liquid Fructooligosaccharides (FOS), both of which are generally recognized and labeled as Chicory Root Fiber. The portfolio includes the following product names: Frutalose® SF75, L90, L85, OFP, SFP, and Frutafit® HD, IQ, CLR, TEX!, OAI. These products can be used in food and beverage applications including snacks, bakery goods, yogurts, ice cream, as well as fruit sauces, purees, and bars.

“Our team is excited to share our new strategic collaboration with Sensus for Inulin and FOS in the U.S. We are eager to showcase the importance of these two lines and their usage to address gut health and overall wellbeing,” said Larry Davis, vice president, Brenntag Food & Nutrition North America. “As consumer demand continues to grow in this area, we’re confident our applications and technical expertise, in conjunction with Sensus’ leading market position, will help our customers meet this demand.”

Frutalose® and Frutafit® are colorless, have a neutral taste, and can enrich many food products without affecting their appearance, texture, or flavor. Functionally, it can:

  • Replace sugar and fat while improving taste and mouthfeel
  • Promote digestive health by enriching the fiber content of food
  • Stimulate the production of beneficial bacteria in the colon
  • Stimulate calcium absorption, resulting in potentially improved bone health

“The U.S. chicory inulin market has seen rapid growth, and we are delighted to work with Brenntag’s first-rate teams to reach even more customers,” said Ken Horn, president and general manager of Sensus America, Inc. “The exceptional focus and footprint Brenntag bring to our relationship will allow Sensus to keep up with the rising demand of the chicory inulin market by growing consumer preference toward healthier food ingredients.”

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