Foodarom, Canada’s most innovative flavor company, unveils its 6th annual edition of Flavor Trends. As flavor designers committed to better anticipate how taste triggers emotions in food products, Foodarom is once again shaking up the market with its flavor predictions. 

Pleasurable sensations are essential when it comes to enjoying food. In these turbulent times, food experience has become a marker of resilience and optimism for consumers. For the upcoming months, three new flavors are reflecting consumer desire for flavorful new food products: Symphony of Peach, Pomegranate and Sea Buckthorn Berry; Floral Apple Blackberry Martini; and Cheesecake Affogato. 

This year’s flavors capture three core consumer insights expected to drive and influence food product development in the near future: 

•    BOOSTING IMMUNITY: Strengthening immune system as active health becomes priority.

•    KEEPING IT SOCIAL: Restoring social and emotional connections.

•    CREATURE COMFORTS: Making the most of all of those special moments at home with flavorful rewards. 

Boosting Food Product Immunity Glow

“For consumers, active health management remains a key priority in the wake of the pandemic.  The overall mindset is about ensuring our natural line of defense is ready to go — and ready to fight, says Noémie Loiselle, marketing and commercial group director, Foodarom.  “While functional nutrients are rightfully sought-after ingredients in product formulations, flavors are expected to play and even greater role in enhancing the experience.”

Developed by the Foodarom’s team of flavorists, Symphony of Peach, Pomegranate and Sea Buckthorn Berry flavor feature mouth-watering explosions of fruity, juicy and tangy notes — designed to create the perfect flavor balance while enhancing the sentiment of immunity and flavor sensations.

Keeping it Social & Comfortable

As we learn to adjust to new social distancing rules, Foodarom’s Floral Apple Blackberry Martini and Cheesecake Affogato are two flavors responding to the desire to live life to its fullest.

“Isolation, loneliness and the lack of social interactions are taking a toll of many of us, more than ever successful food products must deliver a more comprehensive and fulfilling sensory experience, says Loiselle. “On one hand, Floral Apple Blackberry Martini flavor combines the three ‘great F's’ of flavor: fresh, fruity and floral, celebrating the grand return of the Aperitivo; while Cheesecake Affogato flavor is a fusion of American and Italian style delivering a touch of delicious decadence and comfort.

About Foodarom Inc.

Founded in 2006, Foodarom is an innovative Canadian company specializing in the creation and the manufacturing of distinctive and leading-edge aromatic solutions. It now is of Glanbia Nutritionals, a world leader in nutritional solutions domain. 

Foodarom has more than 130 employees, with its head office located in Montreal. Production facilities and R&D centers are located Salt Lake City, Utah and San Diego; Bremen, Germany; and Milan, Italy.