Flavor Producers, LLC, Valencia, CA, is introducing more transformative innovations in organic flavor and extract innovation at the 2022 Natural Products Expo West tradeshow.

As a founder and innovator in natural and organic plant-based flavors, Flavor Producers has continued to innovate in natural and organic new product development through Tasteful and Transparent Technologies™ that to provide greater transparent taste for the modern health-conscious consumer.

“Flavor Producers has expanded that commitment to natural and organic flavor development through the expansion of our application capabilities,” says Tony Moore, Chief Innovation Officer at Flavor Producers. “We have invested in the expansion of our application research footprint over the last eight months in Sharonville, Ohio, by creating a dedicated Innovation Center, recently completed in March 2022. It includes a new pilot plant, additional bakery, confection, dairy/dairy alternative, and beverage product development capabilities and a new sensory testing center to support our ongoing customer demand to deliver taste complexity and transparency for clean label food and beverages.”

The Flavor Producers portfolio of natural and organic flavors and extracts is one of the most extensive in the industry through our 40+ years of flavor creation, unique plant-based sourcing, extract technology and regulatory support. The novel Rutz® and Trü Brüz® portfolios offer product developers even more options for transparent labeling with health and wellness food and beverage products.

As Health and Wellness continues as a prevalent consumer interest, Flavor Producers is showcasing four concepts that reflect our Transparently Delicious® theme to deliver great taste organically and transparently using these innovative taste technologies in wellness-based products.

“The pursuit of wellness has extended to more lifestyle options with food and beverages,” says

Beth Warren, chief commercial officer at Flavor Producers. “The preference for plant-based ingredients, beauty benefits, convenient and healthy snacks and more options for spiritless cocktails that are organic adds a greater challenge for the product developer to achieve the expected functional benefits and delicious taste consumers expect in the final product.”

This requires a different set of flavor tools for crafting these exceptional products.

Flavor Producers has expanded Tasteful Technologies™ to tailor the approach with taste detractors which are common with functional ingredients, natural sweeteners, or plant-based protein ingredient additions in food and beverage formulations. The novel Tasteful Technology tools and approach created by Flavor Producers accelerate customer commercial success by optimizing taste more effectively when compared to the traditional industry flavor masking products. Layering modifiers to address varied taste detractors while customizing the characterizing flavor profile elevates delicious taste to the next level.

This year at Natural Products Expo West, the concepts include:

Organic Blush Beauty beverage includes aloe vera and B vitamins with the vibrant taste of organic watermelon and hibiscus taste profile that shines through because of the organic modifying flavors with Tasteful Technologies™.

Organic Sicilian Lemon Cold Brew Shandy made with real brewed Italian roast coffee, this non-alcoholic twist on a traditional shandy replaces beer with an organic Trü Brüz® coffee extract to challenge the tradition. Refreshing but complex enough to sip and savor.

Black Magic Popcorn- air popped and layered with organic flavors including fragrant black garlic, roasted butter and a hint of honey for a savory snack with indulgence and only 35 calories/serving.

Ruby Pomegranate Elderberry Chocolate Bark- a unique ruby chocolate bark utilizing an organic pomegranate elderberry flavor that captivates the senses with plant-based ingredients including organic sunflower seeds, puffed quinoa and organic hibiscus flowers.

About Flavor Producers:
Founded in California, Flavor producers is the leader in crafting natural and organic flavors and extracts for over 40 years. We are inspired by entrepreneurs and new technologies that deliver great taste sustainably and transparently. Contact us at sales@flavorproducers.com or visit us at www.flavorproducers.com.