Cymbiotika, a nutritional supplement brand known for creating pure, clinically backed supplements, launched Red Yeast Rice. In the United states, Red Yeast Rice has been used as a natural alternative to statin therapy in treating people with mild to moderate hypercholesterolemia by significantly lowering LDL (“bad”) cholesterol levels, as well as total cholesterol.
According to recent CDC data, 93 million US adults, ages 20 or older, have high total cholesterol levels, a result primarily due to a poor diet lacking true nutritional value. 

Cymbiotika’s Liposomal Red Yeast Rice formula is enhanced with conjugated linoleic acid (CLA), a unique fatty acid that is proven to reduce body fat levels and manage the glycemic profile, along with black seed oil for its ability to improve lipid profiles and support the cardiovascular system.
Taken daily, Cymbiotika’s formula may help to manage cholesterol levels, lower blood sugar, increase metabolism, and improve overall heart function. Red Yeast Rice is an easy-to-use liquid; no capsules, powders or tablets to swallow. Squeeze onto a tablespoon and consume or mix into water, smoothies, your favorite beverage or treat.
Cymbiotika Red Yeast Rice has zero synthetic ingredients and is gluten-free, vegan, keto, and sugar-free. One 16oz bottle retails for $52 (one-time purchase) and $46 with a recurring subscription and is available for purchase through the Cymbiotika website. It is also available in the Cholesterol and Healthy Heart Bundle (Red Yeast Rice, D3K2, Omega and Adrenal Super Tonic).