AHA added more fizz and flavor to its lineup of refreshing sparkling waters, a little more than a year after debuting on US store shelves. The brand will unveil two new calorie-, sodium- and sweetener-free flavors: Raspberry + Acai and Mango + Black Tea. 

The team started with more than 300 flavors and tested 42 pairings before optimizing the recipes for two top performers. The tropical taste of mango is complemented by a burst of black tea flavor (and 30mg of caffeine), and the refreshing taste of raspberry is brightened by notes of acai. 

Like all existing AHA flavors – Lime + Watermelon, Strawberry + Cucumber, Citrus + Green Tea, Orange + Grapefruit, Blueberry + Pomegranate and Peach + Honey – the new offerings feature accessible flavor combinations pairing mainstream fruit flavors with trending but less-expected tastes with sensory appeal. Bold aromatics help give all AHA options a flavor-forward taste that stands out in the crowded and competitive sparkling water category.

The calorie-free and sodium-free offerings will be available in eight-packs of 12oz cans and in 16oz individual cans at select grocers and retailers nationwide.