Epogee unveiled a completely redesigned website at www.epogee.com. It give food and beverage manufacturers an informative and efficient experience that is easy to navigate. The site showcases EPG, an alternative fat technology that appears on ingredient labels as “GMO-free modified plant-based oil.” 

EPG makes it possible for food and beverage manufacturers to dramatically lower calories without compromising the taste, texture or functionality of a wide range of food and beverage applications.

“We are incredibly excited to launch our beautiful new website,” said Tom Burrows, Epogee CEO and President. “We are offering the industry a clean and modern resource that allows visitors to explore and discover new consumer insights, reports, and video content. A series of spotlights from our brand partners also highlights innovative new products entering the market. Ultimately, the website supports manufacturers who are striving to meet the greatest unmet need in food, addressing the caloric content of their products in a way that consumers will love.

He concludes, “Our goal is to help the industry understand that it is possible to create incredible-tasting products—with dramatically fewer calories. In fact, innovators that formulate with our alternative fat technology EPG can create products that offer consumers a full-fat eating experience and high level of satisfaction—at a fraction of the full-fat calories.”

Epogee’s new website offers users an excellent resource to learn more about EPG’s revolutionary alternative fat technology. Content includes:

•    A newly designed home page with a rotating video that showcases application opportunities

•    A white paper highlighting EPG as a solution to help innovators combat the growing obesity epidemic

•    An updated “Technology” section with a video showcasing the technology and how EPG is made

•    A new “Possibilities” page showcasing brands consumers love, and how marketers can dramatically lower calories and capture new opportunities in the marketplace

•    Highlights of Epogee’s latest news and events that share how EPG is changing conversation in the industry by fueling a fat revolution 

Today’s innovators are formulating with EPG—the only ingredient available right now that can cut 92% of calories from fat for each unit of fat replaced without compromising taste, texture or functionality. EPG makes it possible for manufacturers to make better-for-you foods with shorter ingredient labels, and the same great taste and texture that consumers demand.

Visit the new website at www.epogee.com and learn more about Epogee’s exciting new alternative fat technology that will help you keep the flavor and lose the calories.

About Epogee 
Epogee strives to improve the health of society by delivering a solution against the greatest unmet need in food: dramatically reduced calories without any compromises. Epogee’s Alternative Fat EPG is an innovative solution to an ongoing problem and is proudly made in the USA. EPG is the one and only alternative fat that can safely and dramatically lower calories without sacrificing taste, texture or appearance.