Airly launched its first product—Airly™ Oat Clouds™, snack crackers made with wholesome oats and grains. The crackers are the first-ever climate friendly snack developed to remove greenhouse gases from the air.
To be as transparent as possible and galvanize consumers to make more informed purchase decisions and start asking themselves these same climate-facing questions, Airly prints its carbon footprint on each 7.5oz box of crackers. Each box sold removes between 18g – 21g of CO2 from the air, which is equivalent to 2,500 – 2,900 beach balls worth of fresher air. Just by purchasing a box of Airly Oat Clouds, consumers are helping to reduce greenhouse gas emissions – a small act that has a big impact.
Airly purchases carbon credits to offset any footprint from its minimally processed production and transportation system. These carbon credits benefit various US agricultural and forestry projects, allowing Airly to invest in the land, thus continuing the virtuous cycle of environmental growth of planting more acres, crops and plants.
Made with 100% real, wholesome ingredients, Airly is available in four flavor varieties, packed with both sweet and savory notes that make for a satisfying, tasty snack:
• Cheddar Oat Clouds: Baked with 100% real cheese; removes 21g of CO2 from the air
• Sea Salt: Baked with artisanal sea salt blend; removes 19g of CO2 from the air
• Chocolate: Baked with real cocoa; removes 18g of CO2 from the air
• Salted Caramel: Baked with real butter and brown sugar; removes 19g of CO2 from the air
Airly Oat Clouds are now available for purchase at and Amazon and will be rolling into select retailers nationwide throughout 2021.