Fuchs North America introduces the Mouthwatering Mashups Collection, a new line of seasonings that bring unexpected flavor combinations to life. This latest collection delivers unique textures, innovative flavors, and even a unique sensory experience. From a sweet dessert turned savory to a tingling mouthfeel, consumers will be drawn to these new flavor twists offered in our collection. 

This collection presents craveable seasoning blends ideal for baked goods, fruit, dips, and proteins. These items are also the starting point for food manufacturers and foodservice establishments to develop their own rich signature product offerings, with Fuchs’ culinary specialists at their side.

Craveable Combinations

Fuchs’ Mouthwatering Mashups Collection includes the following four seasoning blends:

•    Chili Cheese Monkey Bread

•    Red Pepper & Lime Tingle Seasoning

•    Buffalo Chicken Tikka Masala Dip

•    Essence of Citrus Finishing Salt

“We are taking creative combinations to a whole other level! Since the pandemic began, consumers have been looking for unique and experience-driven flavors,” notes Shannon Cushen, Fuchs’ director of marketing. “After analyzing industry flavor trends, we innovated to introduce an exciting mouthfeel experience, unique taste combinations, and more.”

“Our newest collection pushes the envelope; we experimented with new ingredients, focused on creating multicultural combinations, and put a modern twist on classics,” she adds. “Once consumers have a taste of these craveable flavors, we can assure you, they will most certainly come back for more.”

Fuchs helps food companies make sense of the trends and tap into where the culinary energy is strongest. In this spirit, each of the items that make up Fuchs’ Mouthwatering Mashups Collection features creative combinations that were specially curated by our industry experts and our corporate chef. 

Classics to Mashups

Fuchs’ Chili Cheese Monkey Bread Seasoning takes a sweet dessert and transforms it to a savory pull-apart bread. With a red chili pepper base, this seasoning is slightly spicy and completely craveable. Made from fluffy biscuits, the seasoned bread is filled with gooey creamy cheese balancing the heat and savory flavors. For those consumers who are looking to indulge while trying something new, this bread is calling their name!

Fuchs’ Buffalo Chicken Tikka Masala Dip mix brings two global cuisines together in a creamy, hot dip. Indian spices meet with spicy chicken buffalo for the ultimate mashup of flavors. This dip is perfect for all occasions, whether it be an appetizer dip at a party or a side dish at dinner, it will be a crowd favorite! 

Twisted Citrus

The Red Pepper & Lime Tingle Seasoning is not only a seasoning, but also an experiment too! Using beta-alanine, it creates a numbing and tingling feeling on your tongue and cheeks. Along with the mouthfeel, it has a combination of New Mexican Red Chili’s acid, lime, and salt to create a spicy citrus taste that compliments refreshing watermelon and juicy mango perfectly. All it takes is a quick sprinkle to take your fruit of choice to the next level!

Fuchs’ Essence of Orange Finishing Salt is a topical salt that is applied after the protein has been cooked. Perfect for proteins, it features a combination of natural orange juices, chopped cilantro, and extra virgin olive oil with a sweet and salty finish.

“Finishing salts are all the craze right now, but we are taking it beyond what is expected by adding sweet citrus notes to create an innovative blend,” notes Fuchs Corporate Chef Howard Cantor.

Custom Solutions, Too

Fuchs North America’s experts in consumer taste preferences translate food trends into irresistibly craveable products with offerings like the Mouthwatering Mashups Collection. Ken Wuestenfeld, vice president of sales and technical services, notes that these special collections serve as a way of partnering with food manufacturers to bring the joy of food to life for consumers around the world. 

“We create flavors consumers will love to pass around,” Wuestenfeld explains. “Our flavors bring people together – and keep them coming back for more.” 

Fuchs’ development process is the perfect blend of science and art. In a competitive food market, brands need to offer something unique, but also get it to market quickly and reliably. Fuchs North America’s cutting-edge seasoning solutions, quick response times, deep expertise and customer-centric process allow for a customized approach to turning fresh ideas into consumer-favorite products. 

“With Fuchs, you can expect results-oriented support that’s focused, flexible and responsive. We innovate for you – from our marketing insights to R&D expertise, we support you through all stages of the product development cycle,” Wuestenfeld reports. “Our regulatory and quality experts are on-hand to ensure that the end result meets your desired specifications.” 

About Fuchs North America

Fuchs North America is a leading supplier of value-added seasonings, spices and flavor solutions to the food manufacturing and foodservice industries.  With a heritage that extends back several decades, the company specializes in the development of full flavor systems, custom flavor profiles and seasoning products – including supporting some of the world’s largest and best-recognized food brands.