The hard seltzer category has had an exponential growth trajectory and continues its meteoric rise in the flavored malt beverage (FMB) space. 

Hard seltzer outperformed all other FMB segments in 2020 with a recorded $6.8 billion in sales (a 68.2% increase) and it represents 40% of the category’s overall dollar growth, according to IRI. Hard seltzers currently comprise 7% of total beverage alcohol dollars with 2021 sales expected to surpass $5.1 billion. By all appearances, this category has plenty of runway left for growth.

With an explosion of product innovation and diversification in the marketplace, hard seltzer’s popularity is fueled by its better-for-you image. These beverages typically contain fewer carbs, calories, and sugar, along with a cleaner label, compared to other category offerings. Premiumization with newer formats—including spiked teas and beer-seltzers, convenient RTD packaging, and flavor experimentation—all appeal to both mindful and adventurous consumers by offering them a variety of choices.

Flavorchem, an established leader in the creation and manufacturing of flavor, ingredient, and color solutions, has tested and developed a line of innovative, on-trend flavors for the ever-evolving hard seltzer category.

“Flavors are clean, yet complex, and will give any product out on the market competition. These flavors have been specifically tested in both hard seltzer applications and non-alcoholic, seltzer water to meet any beverage preference or lifestyle need,” says Niki Hernandez, R&D Manager and Senior Flavorist.

The new launch features singular flavors and fruity flavor combinations based on the latest flavor trends within the beverage space. There are eight flavors including Pomegranate, Juicy Pear, Watermelon, Honeydew Melon,

Raspberry Lychee, Spiced Orange Cranberry, Tangerine Lavender, and Lemon Tea. Flavorchem’s natural flavors meet many clean label requirements and offer a refreshing range of beverage choices to be enjoyed year-round.

Flavorchem’s team of beverage specialists and flavorists can help any manufacturer launch the next great product. For more information on Flavorchem’s Hard Seltzer Flavor Collection or other TTB approved flavors for alcoholic beverages (or to request a sample), please reach out at

About Flavorchem
Flavorchem creates flavor, ingredient and color solutions including a wide selection of organic certified flavors and extracts. Established in 1971, it is a privately held business whose customers include first-class brands well recognized throughout the world. A full-service operation with strategically located manufacturing facilities throughout the world, Flavorchem strives to provide its customers with innovative, high-quality products along with superior service and support.