Simple Mills launched a new cookie product called Sweet Thins, a smartly sweetened snack made from simple ingredients, including a seed and nut flour blend made of watermelon seed, cashew, sunflower seed, and flax seed.

The new product innovation marks the introduction of watermelon seed flour to the cookie category. Watermelon seed flour not only helps create Sweet Thins’ light and crispy texture, but also packs a nutrient-dense punch of protein, good fats, and micronutrients. Another key ingredient, coconut sugar, delivers just-right sweetness with 7g per serving.

Sweet Thins features ingredients that help advance regenerative agriculture, demonstrating Simple Mills’ commitment to people and planetary health. Simple Mills sources from coconut sugar farmers in Java, Indonesia who use regenerative farming practices, such as agroforestry, perennial cropping and composting, which help improve soil health and protect biodiversity.

Additionally, Simple Mills has partnered with like-minded farmers and offered them financial incentives to adopt regenerative agriculture practices. To grow watermelon seeds, Simple Mills is working directly with an Ontario farmer who is implementing regenerative practices such as multi-species cover crop plantings and conservation tillage on his farm. Watermelon seed, the leading ingredient in Simple Mills seed & nut flour blend, introduces greater crop diversity, a key outcome of regenerative agriculture.

Sweet Thins come in three flavors including Mint Chocolate, Chocolate Brownie, and Honey Cinnamon, available now at $4.99 per box (SRP) at retailers including Whole Foods, Amazon and with additional retailers coming soon.