Sproud, the Swedish-born sustainable pea milk brand adds Sara Berger to the company as global chief executive officer. In this role, she will help lead Sproud’s global expansion, oversee product development, expand the team and cultivate a strong company culture all while keeping Sproud’s long-term sustainability mission at the forefront. Former chief executive officer, Maria Tegman, will now be able to fully dedicate her time as marketing director and co-founder and she will work in tandem with Sara to accomplish Sproud’s goals for the future. 

Sara Berger brings 20 years of industry experience to the team including her most recent role as chief executive officer of SydGrönt, Sweden's largest local produce supplier of fresh fruits and vegetables. She has also held senior positions at numerous food companies where she drove the increase in plant-based options. Berger has served on many boards and is currently serving as a board member for the tech platform, Matilda Food Tech.

Berger joins Sproud following its 2020 launch into the US market and most recently its multi-faceted creative campaign that promoted Sproud’s launch in Whole Foods and Sprouts stores across the Los Angeles region, positioning Sproud as a brand to try and keep an eye on.  Replacing the word “milk” with “***k”, (“Born in Sweden. Tasty as ***K”), Sproud proved itself to be a company that isn’t afraid to take risks and make bold choices in order to cut through the noise and compete with a crowded plant-based milk market. 

As Sproud continues to expand and become recognized globally as a premium plant-based milk, Berger is working closely with Tegman to focus on Sproud’s edgy creativity and sustainable mission in order to increase global growth for the brand.