Gold&Green Foods Earns SEAL Sustainable Product Award
The company was recognized for its product Pulled Oats®, a plant based crumble that is protein-rich and has a meaty “pulled” texture


Gold&Green Foods® was awarded with the SEAL (Sustainability, Environmental Achievement and Leadership) Sustainable Product Award for its plant-based protein, Pulled Oats®. The SEAL Sustainable Product Award is a globally recognized award that honors innovative and impactful products that are literally “purpose-built” for a sustainable future. Award applicants were judged on the following criteria: impact metrics, innovation/uniqueness of the product, and its ability to inspire sustainable change.

Determined to bridge the gap between food, nutrition and sustainability, Gold&Green Foods® designed and engineered a unique mechanical process that combines sustainably-sourced Nordic oats with fava beans and yellow peas to create a nutrient-dense meat alternative that can be produced at scale to feed the growing population. 

The SEAL (Sustainability, Environmental Achievement and Leadership) Sustainable Product Award is a globally recognized award that honors innovative and impactful products that are “purpose-built” for a sustainable future.

Pulled Oats® is a protein-rich, plant-based crumble with a meaty “pulled” texture and neutral flavor. The naturally nutritious plant-based protein is packed with fiber, is an excellent source of complete protein with 33g per 4oz serving and all nine essential amino acids. The ingredient list is short and simple: oats, pea, fava bean, oil and salt.

Not only is Pulled Oats® a highly nutritious, clean label protein, but it is also sustainable. Pulled Oats® is made from carefully selected climate-friendly ingredients that are sourced as locally as possible. A regenerative crop, oats can significantly reduce nitrogen fertilizer runoff, soil erosion, and herbicide use, while increasing crop yields and farm profitability. Farming oats uses much less land and resources than animal-based production. Not to mention the fact that oats have the potential for reducing greenhouse gas emissions from agricultural production.

Pulled Oats® launched in the United States in 2020 exclusively through foodservice before recently expanding its distribution into manufacturing. The climate footprint of the product is only 2.7 kg CO2e/kg when calculated from cradle to gate and transported to the Sysco warehouse in Chicago. The water footprint of Pulled Oats® is 1370 l/kg, which is around half the water footprint of chicken and one-tenth the water footprint of beef.

Campbell names vice president, corporate responsibility and sustainability

Campbell Soup Company announced the appointment of Stewart Lindsay as vice president, Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability. He joins Campbell from The Nature Conservancy.

Stewart Lindsay, vice president, corporate responsibility and sustainability, Campbell Soup Company

Lindsay will be responsible for the company’s corporate responsibility and sustainability strategy and programs. Lindsay will lead teams responsible for environmental sustainability and sustainable agriculture and work closely with others across the company to help Campbell achieve its goals. He will report to Adam Ciongoli, executive vice president, general counsel and chief sustainability, corporate responsibility and governance officer.

Simek’s Removes Thousands of Pounds of Plastic from the Environment
The women-owned, frozen food products company worked to remove more than 17,500 pounds of ocean-bound plastic from the environment through its partnership with rePurpose Global

Simek’s, the women-owned quality frozen food products company known for its frozen lasagnas and fully cooked premium frozen meatballs, announced its social impact missions in 2021 have actively addressed the environment as well as the problem of hunger in America. 

Through its partnership with RePurpose Global, the company removes from the environment the equivalent amount of plastic that is used in the packaging and shipping of Simek’s products. More than 17,509 pounds of ocean-bound plastic have been removed from the environment since the launch of the partnership. All of Simek’s entrée cartons are sustainably sourced by certified organizations who have agreed to make standards, conservation, community and education a top priority in the forestry industry.

Approximately 1.2 million meals were donated this year through its collaboration with Feeding America® for a total of 5.6 million total meals donated since the partnership’s launch. In addition to creating feel-good food that is comforting and convenient, a cornerstone of Simek’s philosophy is that meals are meant to be shared. For every Simek’s product purchased the company donates a meal, in the community where the product was purchased by the consumer, to a local Feeding America® food bank.

*One meal per package is donated to local Feeding America food banks.

EcoFish Founders Earns 2021 MSC US Ocean Champion Award
Company recognized for 20-year partnership focused on sustainable seafood 

The Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) awarded Henry & Lisa Lovejoy, the founders of EcoFish, a 2021 MSC US Ocean Champion Award for their continued dedication to seafood sustainability and for going above and beyond the requirements of the MSC standards. EcoFish was the first seafood supplier in the US to gain MSC Chain of Custody certification and celebrates 20 years of partnership with the MSC. EcoFish joins three other MSC commercial or fishery partners named 2021 MSC US Ocean Champions. 

EcoFish’s Henry & Lisa’s Natural Seafood and Freshé brands carry the MSC blue fish label on products in more than 4,500 grocery retailers throughout the US; supporting sustainable wild tuna, salmon, pollock, and sardine fisheries along with Aquaculture Stewardship Council certified farmed shrimp and salmon. In February, Freshé will be adding MSC certified skipjack tuna to their global recipes.   

The MSC US Ocean Champion Award is an annual award that was established in 2017 to reward fisheries and companies engaged in the MSC program who demonstrate continued leadership on sustainability above and beyond the MSC Fisheries or Chain of Custody Standards.