So Delicious Yogurt Alternative with Botanical Extracts transforms the day with its live and active cultures in three rich flavors, blended with creamy coconut milk yogurt alternative.

Strawberry with Elderberry Extract: This variety is made with a combination of brilliant strawberry flavor and botanical elderberry extract.

Mango with Ginger and Turmeric Extracts: Whether a midday snack break between back-to-back meetings or lunchtime indulgence, the  mango flavor plus botanical ginger and turmeric extracts will help make the day complete.

Mixed Berry with Chamomile Extract: Enjoy the evening chill time and relax with amazing mixed berry flavor and botanical chamomile extract.

Enjoy So Delicious Yogurt Alternative with Botanical Extracts on its own, consumed with yogurt toppings—like granola or fruit—or in recipes like smoothies, desserts, and more. All flavors are made with organic coconut and boast 7-8g of sugar, and no artificial sweeteners or preservatives.

So Delicious Yogurt Alternatives with Botanicals Extracts (SRP: $1.99/single-serve cup) are now available at Whole Foods and Sprouts Farmer's Market.