Freestyle Snacks, a new Atlanta-based snack food company, launched its premium olive snack that is set to reimagine how consumers eat and enjoy their olives. Freestyle Snacks brings together high quality, flavorful olives grown in Greece with convenient, liquid-free pouch packaging. The brand aims to unleash the freedom to snack with a  healthy, and seamless way to satisfy any savory craving. The snack is low calorie, plant based, sugar-free, and filled with heart healthy fats. The product will initially be available in three flavors: Kalamata Olives Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Green Olives Lemon Garlic, and Green Olives Hot & Spicy.

Freestyle Snacks is setting out with the mission that we can olive better, arming long-time and soon-to-be olive lovers with a tasty snack that fits their lifestyle. The brand tried over 50 types of olives across six countries before identifying and sourcing Greek olives.

Nikki Seaman, a local Atlanta resident and University of Pennsylvania graduate, started her career off at Bain & Company in management consulting. She has always had a passion for Food & Beverage and understanding consumer preferences, spending time at PepsiCo and Whisps before embarking on her Freestyle journey. Working alongside CPG industry veterans, she spent time understanding the importance health and convenience play into consumers’ preferences when making purchasing decisions.

As an avid olive lover, Seaman wanted to bring the innovation she saw with cheese, salami, and even tuna fish, to a category she saw as untapped when it comes to packaging suited for the modern-day consumer lifestyle. Olives are just the beginning, though, as she has more product lines in the works already.