Graasi Barley Water launched a beverage for consumers who desire more hydration, immunity and wellness. The new line of ready-to-drink organic waters is available at in three flavors: Citrus Mint, Cucumber Lime and Lemongrass Ginger. The launch of Graasi Barley Water marks the return of a functional beverage consumed by ancient civilizations to improve health and wellness.

Graasi Barley Water is made with organic ingredients, including organic barley grass juice powder, which comes from the tender young grass grown from barley seed. Barley grass is harvested at the peak of its chlorophyll, protein and vitamin concentration, before the grass produces any grain. In addition to the wellness benefits provided from barley grass juice powder (fiber, vitamins, antioxidants), each bottle contains 100% of the daily value of vitamin C, D and zinc.

Graasi Barley Water is available in 16oz bottles.