Oscar Mayer debuted the “Cold Dog,” a frozen pop flavored like an Oscar Mayer wiener. Stemming from Oscar Mayer’s “Stupid or Genius” campaign – focused on odd ways to enjoy the iconic wiener beyond grilling – the Cold Dog sparked a social media debate. While a cold hot dog may be polarizing, tens of thousands of fans relished the idea of a hot dog-flavored frozen pop and crowned the Cold Dog “genius,” so the brand made it a reality.

Oscar Mayer, a Kraft Heinz Company brand, is teaming up with Popbar®, a premium frozen desserts company known for handcrafted gelato on-a-stick to create the Cold Dog, boasting both refreshing and smokey, umami notes of Oscar Mayer’s iconic wiener -- all topped with a signature swirl of “mustard.” Now available for just $2.00 at select Popbar locations, hot dog lovers can taste the frank-tastic new invention in Long Beach, New York City, Alpharetta-Atlanta and New Orleans while supplies last.