Mondelēz International Foodservice introduced OREOiD, a customizable OREO cookie to help operators set themselves apart and promote their business. With OREOiD, a cookie can be easily and quickly customized by operators who choose the crème filling, fudge dip and sprinkle colors, followed by their one-of-a-kind message and artwork. 

OREOiD cookies can be used to add seasonal flares to menus, as a branded giveaway at parties and events or as a special way to say thank you to employees and customers…the options are endless. 

OREOiD cookies can feature simple messages like “happy birthday” or “congrats” to elevate desserts into memorable special occasions. An OREOiD cookie adorned with “thank you” can be a sweet gesture to include with the check at the end of a meal. Offering OREOiD cookies with simple messages can be a way to show customers a level of connection and detail.

A unique branded asset, OREOiD cookies can be used to feature business logos and taglines as a creative way to keep a business top of mind. The branded cookies can be handed out in place of business cards as a memorable takeaway at events. The OREOiD cookies also make a profitable add-on for restaurants and businesses who offer private events and dinners. 

Not only are OREOiD cookies a fun way to set a business apart, but they are also incredibly easy to create. Simply follow the below steps to design a one-of-a-kind OREOiD cookies. 

1.    First, crème! Choose between the classic OREO sandwich crème or change up the flavor and go with the birthday cake flavored filling.

2.    Next, dip it! Choose from a fudge or white fudge dipped OREO cookie. 

3.    Now it’s time to sprinkle on color. Nothing speaks to a brand better than color. Select up to 4 sprinkle colors or a rainbow mix. 

4.    Brand it! What do you want to say? Whether it's a simple logo, or copy to promote who a brand, the possibilities are endless. Feel free to upload any images to customize a OREO cookie! The better artwork, the better an OREO cookie will look. Businesses can even customize the text, choosing the font and color of your message.