As today's culinary teams explore exciting flavor combinations and innovative menu opportunities, they're finding more and better places for mango. This distinctive fruit helps create new foods from the sweet and familiar to the surprisingly savory. Mango also serves as a complement or refreshing contrast.

Spanning global cuisines and spices, appropriate any time of day, mango provides inspiration. The versatility of fresh mango begins with ripeness, from sweet-tart and crisp to sweet and ultra juicy. From there you can go almost anywhere in cold and hot preparations.

Now the National Mango Board offers a new “Origin Stories,’ series of micro-documentaries that tell the story of mangos, the people who produce them, and local chefs who cook with them.

The series kicks off with a behind-the-scenes look at Mexico, Puerto Rico and Hawaii, with Ecuador, Peru, Brazil, Guatemala and Florida set to drop at the end of 2022 and during the first half of 2023.

“This was a passion project rooted in data and analytics that tells the story of mango like we never have before,” says Trish Bramley, director of marketing and communications for the NMB.

View the first three documentaries.

Or view them on YouTube.

About the National Mango Board 
The National Mango Board is an agriculture promotion group supported by assessments from both domestic and imported fresh mangos. The board’s vision, for mangos to move from being an exotic fruit to a daily necessity in every U.S. household, was designed to drive awareness and consumption of mangos in the U.S. marketplace.