Sokol Custom Food Ingredients offers an almond paste brimming with a rich and creamy almond flavor. It is ideally suited to help bakers and food manufacturers add flavor and enhance the sweetness of a broad range of baked goods.

“Many almond paste products are sourced and produced overseas, leading to rising costs and supply chain concerns,” says Shannon Pimmel, Marketing Manager, Sokol. “Our almond paste is 100% American-made, creating a more dependable supply chain, lowering freight costs and ensuring top quality to all customers. We can also accommodate any need for kosher, halal, gluten-free, organic and non-GMO manufacturing.”

Sokol’s almond paste is manufactured in a kosher-approved, SQF-certified processing facility and offered in industrial sizes. Sokol can ship America’s #1 choice for exquisite almond paste in the following industrial sizes:

● 1-gal. pails
●  6 x 7 lb. chubs
● 2 x 25 lb. slabs

“Almond paste is a baking staple used in many well-loved baked goods recipes such as bear claws where its rich, ‘almondy’ sweetness can elevate a recipe,” adds Pimmel. “Our almond paste is well-suited for food manufacturers for categories such as baked goods for food service, retail, gluten-free and more. Almond paste has an easy-to-work-with consistency that is perfect for blending, rolling or molding. At Sokol, we use top-quality whole-blanched almonds in our paste to provide a deeper and denser taste to any recipe or application. Sokol’s almond paste is the same paste under our Solo retail brand and is known as America’s #1 choice for its delicious and rich flavor.”

According to data from Innova Market Insights, launches of new products made with almonds have increased across confectionery, snacks, bakery, bars and cereal categories. The health benefits, taste, texture and versatility of almonds have bolstered its popularity. Almond paste, a mixture of ground almonds and sugar, has also seen a recent resurgence with consumers and in dessert recipes as a great addition to a brand’s baked goods packaging.

Sokol’s bulk almond paste is ideal for use in a variety of delicious applications, including: 

● Baked goods
● Breakfast pastries
● Gluten-free desserts
● Confections
● Other food applications

Sokol has more than 125 years of experience providing better-tasting ingredients to customers. With six generations of dedication to the food industry, they offer a wide range of packaging options to fit customers’ needs for convenience and shelf life and deliver complete turnkey co-manufacturing solutions that ensure high-quality, consistent products. Services can include ingredient sourcing, manufacturing, packaging, warehousing, inventory control and shipping.

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