BeyondBrands announced that Cynthia Tice, best known for her role as the founder of Lily’s Sweets and a trailblazer in the no-sugar-added sweets category, has joined BeyondBrands as a partner. Based in New York, BeyondBrands is a mission-driven, full-service consulting agency known for its team of highly experienced veterans from across the natural products industry.

In her new role as entrepreneur in residence, she will continue to foster industry growth with a focus on helping the next wave of better-for-you brands navigate all stages of business to achieve their goals. Her work as a board member of Naturally Network, as well as advisory and board roles for early-stage brands, will be a tremendous asset to help grow BeyondBrands by sharing her depth of knowledge and expertise with their current clients while attracting new clients to the firm.

Tice began her career in the Natural Product Industry, fresh out of college when she opened a natural food store in Philadelphia. She remains passionate about natural foods and their benefits to people and the planet on which we live.