RodeoCPG, a strategic food & beverage sales agency, is shifting from a broad suite of services, including R&D and operations support, to focus on building the industry’s first tech-enabled sales management offering. JPG Resources, a leading food & beverage innovation and commercialization group, will help this shift with the acquisition of RodeoCPG's Brooklyn, N.Y.-based R&D team. The transaction will benefit both parties and expand JPG Resources’ reach across New York, a key development region.

RodeoCPG is known for providing strategies to better-for-you food & beverage operators looking to scale at various stages across the development process. The shift in strategy will combine their sales expertise, operational acumen, and proprietary technology into a unique retail sales solution. 

Founded in 2009, JPG Resources works with businesses in all stages, from the earliest startups through the most trusted food & beverage brands. Their expanded offerings encompass consumer facing /brand strategy, innovation process, product development, coman search, and ongoing supply chain management. JPG Resources will annex the RodeoCPG studio in Brooklyn, where its innovation team will continue work uninterrupted with seamless continuity under the new model. Current RodeoCPG contracts will experience an uninterrupted business flow, with the added advantage of being part of a larger organization that can bring in broader support over time.