Florida Food Products (FFP), a leading innovator, formulator, and producer of vegetable and fruit-based clean label ingredient solutions, will highlight its portfolio of performance ingredients during the International Production & Processing Expo (IPPE) in Atlanta, January 24-26, 2023. IPPE attendees are invited to visit FFP booth #BC9419 to discover how to ditch synthetic ingredients in meat and poultry products with FFP’s clean label solutions that harness the power of plants — without jeopardizing quality and taste.

“The FFP team is excited to have the opportunity to meet with IPPE attendees and discuss how manufacturers can remove synthetic ingredients, such as phosphates, without compromising taste, quality, or shelf life,” said Jenna Callahan, Marketing Manager, FFP. “Our innovative line of natural performance and protection solutions helps take meat and poultry products to the next level by eliminating artificial ingredients and replacing them with all-natural, plant-based solutions. From natural cures and clean label phosphate replacement to natural antioxidants, our portfolio helps extend shelf life and improve the overall eating experience.”

Visitors to booth #BC9419 can sample several prototypes, including a delicious hot dog bite that features FFP’s performance and protection ingredient solutions, showcasing how easily they can achieve a fully clean label with maximum protection, and better texture and flavor. Visitors can also discover more about FFP’s portfolio of ingredient solutions, including:

• VegStable® Fresh – Derived from green tea, rosemary, acerola, and rice bran extract, this clean label alternative to chemical antioxidants, such as BHA/BHT, holds in meat’s fresh taste and color while naturally protecting it from oxidation.

• VegStable® Plus – A breakthrough all-natural, plant-based ingredient derived from rice bran extract for friendly labeling that replaces chemical ingredients like starches, gums, phosphates, and carrageenan and enhances the juiciness, flavor, and texture of meat.

• VegStable® Natural Cure – Proven plant-based cure solutions that provide natural food protection and clean label preservation to a variety of applications. A functional alternative to chemical additives such as sodium nitrite, through celery, swiss chard, and acerola cherry.

“As more consumers seek clean label foods, the appeal of natural ingredients strongly outweighs synthetic additives. They want shorter ingredient decks coupled with the removal of chemical sounding ingredients, all while not sacrificing one bit of the eating experience. Our portfolio of plant-based ingredient solutions makes it possible for brands to maintain the quality and freshness of meat and poultry products while ditching synthetics from the label,” added Callahan.

 IPPE is a great opportunity to learn more by visiting FFP booth #BC9419.