The Republic of Tea Showcases Healthful, Innovative Teas at 2023 Winter Fancy Food Show

New blends feature adaptogens for sleep and relaxation, gut-healing and immunity boosting ingredients

The Republic of Tea, leading purveyor of premium teas and herbs, is thrilled to exhibit at the Specialty Food Association’s annual Winter Fancy Food Show at the Las Vegas Convention Center from January 15-17, 2023.

New and noteworthy additions at the Specialty Food Association’s annual Winter Fancy Food Show included an iced Keto-Friendly Sweet Tea Hibiscus Lemonade; Immunity Nectarine Honey Orangeade and Immunity Elderberry Punch Single Sips®; new Tea Capsule flavors Cocoa Shroom, Dream Latte and London Fog; SuperGreen Digestion; the Bridgerton™ Tea Collection’s Newton Ginger Biscuit Tea, the warming Mulled Apple Spice Tea; as well as a creamy Ginger Lemon Honey.

New immunity and gut health tea variety details include: 

• Immunity Elderberry Punch Single Sips® contain the flavors of ripe berries and sweet-tart hibiscus. These superfoods have been used for centuries to support immunity and they provide an excellent source of vitamin C.

• Immunity Nectarine Honey Orangeade Single Sips® protect your body with the flavors of juicy oranges and sweet nectarines. The hydrating blend of organic superfoods provides an excellent source of vitamin C and includes a touch of turmeric and ginger for added immunity. 

• SuperGreen Digestion – A new addition to the SuperGreen Tea collection, this organic blend helps promote gut health, reduce inflammation, and improve digestion. Turmeric, ginger, and green tea have been staples in the Asian diet, not only for flavor, but to aid digestion, for over a thousand years. This spicy infusion also contains matcha, which has natural caffeine and L-theanine for a calm alertness and lasting energy. 

Danone North America Awards Annual Fellowship Grants for Gut Microbiome, Yogurt and Probiotic Studies

The health of the gut microbiome has been associated with certain chronic disease risk, such as cardiovascular disease and diabetes

Danone North America announced that for 11 years in a row, it will award two graduate students $25,000 each for conducting research to further study the role of the gut microbiome, yogurt and probiotics for human health. Scientists in the field have found that the microbial community, or microbiome of the gut, affects not only gastrointestinal health, but has links to the brain, immune system and even our circadian clocks. The health of the gut microbiome has also been associated with certain chronic disease risk, such as cardiovascular disease and diabetes.  

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Protekt Liquid Immunity Supplement Beverage Enhancer

The immunity formulation joins a lineup of liquid and performance science-backed supplements

Protekt, the veteran-owned wellness company offering the highest quality products Made in America, launched a new, all-natural Immunity Liquid Supplement Beverage Enhancer that delivers high-impact antioxidants including vitamin C, zinc, vitamin D, and echinacea to support optimal health and immunity throughout the body. Offering delectable flavors including mixed berry and orange, Protekt’s liquid formulation disperses instantly in hot or cold water, compared to powders or tablets where endless mixing is essential to diffuse ingredients and flavor.

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Supergreen Tonik, Red Tonik to Combat Brain Fog, Muscle Weakness

The products are multi-nutrient supplements that aim to address essential daily needs and nutrient bases

Human Tonik was developed by Adam Wright, a former competitive triathlete whose battle with chronic fatigue syndrome and its symptoms, such as debilitating brain fog, muscle weakness, and constant illness, left him unable to compete and desperate to break the cycle of illness, recovery, and illness again.

He tried a variety of different greens and nutritional products that were scientifically dosed with full-disclosure labeling but found that regardless of the product he tried, it did little to alleviate his symptoms.

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