Jenny Craig, a weight loss and weight management company, announced that Justine Kelly is joining the brand as executive chef and vice president of culinary strategy. With decades of experience in recipe development and creation, not only as one of the co-founders of Sunbasket but also in dozens of restaurants and as a contestant on "Iron Chef America," Kelly will oversee the brand's new Jenny Fresh line and lead all future food innovation in her new role.

Kelly has approximately 30 years of experience working in the restaurant industry and with recipe development, which are skills she taught herself over years of working in kitchens at some of the most notable restaurants in San Francisco. In 1996 she was first hired as a pastry chef at The Slanted Door Group, but later became a Chef De Cuisine until eventually moving into a corporate chef role. 

She has also held positions as the executive chef at Rooftop and the Consulting Chef at Port Costa's Bull Valley Roadhouse. In 2014, Kelly helped co-found Sunbasket, where she ultimately flexed her creative muscles and developed the first 800 recipes for the brand herself. Kelly also notably appeared on "Iron Chef America" with Charles Phan in an episode in Season 7.