Halo Top is heating things up this winter with the introduction of a new line of Halo Top Desserts, including Light Cake Mix Single-Serve Cups and Light Baking Mixes for fudge brownies and peanut butter chocolate chip cookies. In true Halo Top fashion, the light baking mixes have all the flavor of classic baked goods, but with 1/3 fewer calories than the leading category mix*.

In Halo Top’s first foray beyond freezers and into the baking aisle, the brand is giving ice cream lovers and sweets connoisseurs a way to indulge in their favorite baked desserts. The new formulations, launching during the coldest winter months of the year, arrive at no better time for consumers to warm up with single-serve cake cups prepared in the microwave as well as traditional brownie and cookie mixes prepared in the oven. The feel-good sweets include:

• Halo Top Light Cake Mix Single-Serve Cups: Available in three classic and coveted flavors – Chocolate, Strawberry and Birthday Cake. With only 170 calories per single-serve cup, the light microwaveable cake mixes have 1/3 fewer calories than the average of the five leading prepared cake mixes, according to the company.
• Halo Top Light Brownie Mix – Fudge Brownie: Fudge brownies are rich and velvety yet light at only 90 calories per brownie, 1/3 fewer calories than the leading regular brownie mix, according to the company.
• Halo Top Light Cookie Mix – Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip: Bake up a crowd favorite cookie with only 80 calories per cookie, 1/3 fewer calories than the leading prepared chocolate chip cookie mix, according to the company.

Halo Top Desserts are available at Walmart and Kroger stores with national availability coming this summer. Suggested retail prices are $2.89 for the light cake mix single-serve cups and $4.99 for the brownie and cookie light baking mixes.